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CG Principle

The Company has complied with the principles of good corporate governance and the Company considered the implementation of the principles of good corporate governance for listed companies in 2017 or the Corporate Governance Code (CG Code) issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission to be suitable for the organization. The Board of Directors has considered and realized the role as the leader of the organization (Governing Board) by carefully considering such practices and understanding the benefits and importance of implementing CG Code to create value for the business which has been divided into 5 categories according to the guidelines of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Due to good corporate governance will help the company to have more credibility, build long-term competitiveness with other companies with details as follows:

Group 1: Rights of Shareholders
Group 2: Equality Treatment of Shareholders
Group 3: The Roles of Stakeholders
Group 4: Information Disclosure and Transparency
Group 5: Responsibilities of the Board of Directors